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How to Become a CALED Board Member

CALED Board membership is an important and vital role in governing and guiding the organization for the benefit of its members. Board membership requires a commitment to actively participant in all Board functions including attending and fully participating in Board meetings and CALED events. Prospective Board nominees must acknowledge the responsibilities and commitments required of Board members and state they are willing to make the necessary commitments to undertake this responsibility if voted to serve as a CALED Board member.

If you are willing to make the necessary commitment and interested in serving on the Board, here is some additional information on how to nominate yourself for consideration, as well as the general process.

Board Nomination Process

  1. Candidate confirms they are eligible to apply (see below).
  2. Complete Nomination Application when open seats are available. CALED will promote these opportunities to the membership each winter.
  3. Interview with Nominations Committee in March or April.
  4. Meet the CALED Board of Directors at the Spring Annual Conference.
  5. CALED Board votes on candidates in May.

Board Eligibility

Candidate requirements as stated in the By Laws (Article IV Section 3) are as follows:

A. CALED member in good standing for a minimum of three (3) out of the last five (5) consecutive years.

B. Shall be an accomplished leader with high integrity and professionalism

C. Shall be dedicated to active participation in the advancement of the economic development profession.

D. Shall be willing to commit the time needed to fulfill the duties of a Board member. This shall include the roles and responsibilities set forth in the Board of Directors handbook. Board membership shall be limited to one (1) representative per member organization.”

Board Member Nomination Application

Before submitting your Board Nomination Application, please confirm that you are willing to make the commitment, eligible to serve, and have been notified by CALED staff that there are open seats. If you have questions regarding any of these items, please contact CALED.

The application may be downloaded here

The DEADLINE to apply is December 31, 2018. Please email your completed application to Laura Cole-Rowe or via fax at (916) 448-3811.